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Course Trailer: Sustainable Finance & ESG Investing
Course Trailer

Course Trailer: Sustainable Finance & ESG Investing

NYU Stern Executive Education is excited to launch the new course Sustainable Finance and ESG Investing

Taught by Professor Tensie Whelan and Cary Krosinsky, this course utilizes a combination of lecture, discussion and group exercises to help you examine key issues in sustainable business, understand how to measure and derive value from Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance, and create sustainable investment strategies.

Watch the course trailer below:

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[Video Transcript]

[Tensie Whelan]: Far more companies are still in the old style of "let's do a little bit of corporate social responsibility off to the side," but there are a growing number of companies that are really embedding sustainability core to how they do business and seeing this as an opportunity for innovation, for growth, for employee engagement and retention.

What I was interested in is how to really help a business move beyond seeing sustainability as something they kind of have to do but really to see it as something core to business strategy, so where better to do that than at a business school? Our program is really to introduce them to what are the key issues in different industries that they need to understand as an investor, and where are the investment opportunities for them?

They will have an opportunity to learn the skills and information they need to be able to really understand and work with the trends in society today. They will learn some very concrete skills that will enable them to create new opportunities within their business that can show leadership and also create new innovation for their customers or for other employees. It's a very pragmatic course, but also one that helps you really build on your own personal sense of purpose.