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C-Suite Pathway Program

The C-Suite Pathway Program is jointly delivered by IESE and NYU Stern. Structured in a flexible blended format, as a top-performing senior executive, it will fast-track your transition to the C-suite by enhancing your leadership, business acumen and ability to navigate exceptionally complex environments. A Personalized Leadership Journey will stretch your limits and inspire you to question your deep-rooted beliefs about what it means to lead.

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Program Benefits

The C-Suite Pathway Program will give you with a big-picture view of the international business landscape and the emerging trends and disruptive forces that could impact your business. A Personalized Leadership Journey will boost your self-knowledge and capacity to drive positive organizational changes.

Broader Program Management

Sharpen your strategic thinking and awareness of the disruptive forces that could impact your business.

Personalized Leadership Journey

Bolster your ability to unite and align others through individual executive coaching and other resources.

Innovation Mindset

Foster organization-wide innovation to optimize your operational processes and turn promising ideas into successful ventures.

Stronger Communication Skills

Drive corporate performance by boosting your capacity to communicate and connect with others

Networking Opportunities

Expand and enrich your professional circle with high-caliber executives from diverse industries, cultures and backgrounds.

Greater Self Awareness

Revitalize and rethink your role as a leader in an immersive and invigorating learning forum.

Program Snapshot

The C-Suite Pathway Program is a five-month immersion that will broaden your management outlook and strengthen your knowledge of leadership essentials, management fundamentals and the global drivers of change.

Start Date

December 2024

Program Length

5 Months

Program Format

Three on campus modules and two online modules

Program Fee


Program Structure and Calendar

The C-Suite Pathway Program is imparted in New York, one of the world’s most captivating cities, by IESE and NYU Stern. Joining forces, they offer an invigorating and inspiring learning experience by merging their unique expertise and understanding of global business and leadership.

Module 1

Developing the Big Picture View

IESE, New York City

December 3 - 6, 2024

Module 2

Personalized Leadership Journey


Live Online and self-paced learning

Module 3

Bolstering Your Strategic Thinking

NYU Stern, New York City

February 24 - February 27, 2025

Module 4

Personalized Leadership Journey


Live Online and self-paced learning

Module 5

Leading and Executing Strategy

IESE, New York City

May 6 - 9, 2025

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