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Areas of Expertise

Led by world-class faculty, NYU Stern Executive Certificate Programs and Enterprise Learning Solutions fill critical knowledge gaps and develop essential business skills, from developing a leadership vision to enhancing financial acumen, and from unlocking opportunities hidden in data analytics to driving innovation.

Our Topics

Leadership & Management
Analyze your own potential for leadership and develop a personal leadership plan. Learn how to develop your own personal style, bring others on board and sustain your position in a competitive world.

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Strategy & Innovation
Make the shift from individual contributor to strategic leader. Develop competitive strategies that enable you to rise to the top or revolutionize your industry, and understand how to foster an innovative workplace culture.

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Finance & Risk Management
Master techniques that drive smarter financial decisions and mitigate risk. Learn about current topics that are transforming the industry, and unlock secrets hidden in company balance sheets.

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Business Analytics & Marketing
Gain stronger insights from data. Learn how analytics can better inform your decision-making and strategy formation, and utilize digital marketing and social networks to drive growth and innovation.

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Entrepreneurship & Technology
Uncover breakthrough opportunities and spearhead successful enterprises. Learn to develop, pitch and execute new products, and build skills in cutting-edge technologies.

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Global Economy & Society
Stay competitive in rapidly changing global business environments. Learn specific skills and strategies needed to succeed in the age of globalization.

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