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New Live Online Courses
Executive Certificates

New Live Online Courses

“The training exceeded all my expectations. [Prof. Nate Pettit] was great and all the exercises/breakouts perfectly reinforced the content in a fun and practical way and made it easy to connect with other participants in as meaningful a way as if we had been in person.”

- Alexandra, participant in live online iteration of Leadership Training for High Potentials


We are excited to introduce a new learning format designed to meet the needs of our Executive Education professionals in these unprecedented times: Live Online Executive Certificate Programs. Read more about them, as well as the difference between our Online and Live Online programs, below.

What Are Live Online Courses?

Live Online courses are our in-person courses redesigned for remote delivery. Professionals can take part from anywhere in the world, without having to worry about any uncertainties related to travel at this time. These courses take place in real time with live instructors, and include all of the hallmarks of our in-person programming: discussion, breakout sessions, hands-on exercises and more. Also like our in-person courses, Live Online courses are intensive, 2 - 6 day programs usually scheduled during regular work hours (Eastern Time Zone), and live attendance is required.

How Are Live Online Courses Different From Online Courses?

Our online courses are largely asynchronous with some synchronous components. Designed in-house by NYU learning scientists, these courses enable you to learn more independently by watching videos and completing activities and assignments when it is convenient for you, between assignment due dates. Interaction with faculty and other students takes place primarily in discussion forums and optional live sessions every couple of weeks. Online courses vary in length from 4 weeks to 15 weeks. You can learn more about Online courses here.

Which One Is Right For Me?

Our Online and Live Online courses each have their own benefits. You can use the summary chart below to help determine which format fits your needs.

Live Online
> Delivery: Mostly Synchronous

Length: Days

Key Benefit: Live, real-time interaction with faculty and participants

> Delivery: Mostly Asynchronous

Length: Weeks

Key Benefit: More flexible timing with periodic live online sessions

Browse our full schedule of upcoming Online and Live Online courses here.

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