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Clinical Professor of Finance

Anjolein SchmeitsAnjolein Schmeits joined NYU Stern as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Finance in September 2005 and became a Clinical Associate Professor of Finance in September 2008. She is now a Clinical Professor of Finance. She teaches "Corporate Finance" in Stern's full-time M.B.A. program and the Langone program, and "Valuation" and "Corporate Finance" in the Executive M.B.A. program.

Professor Schmeits's research focuses on the interface between financial intermediation and corporate finance. In particular, she examines the economic role of financial intermediaries such as banks and credit rating agencies, and analyzes how the organization and competitive structure of the financial sector affect contract design and firms' financing choices. In addition, she is interested in the design of effective corporate governance arrangements within firms and industries.

She has participated in several policy-oriented research and consulting projects on the functioning of banks and capital markets in the Netherlands and on the financing of the Dutch corporate sector, and has co-authored a book and many studies on these topics. Read his full bio.


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