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Case Study: Partnership with an NYC-Based Startup

The Client

A New York City based asset management firm. The client's target audience for the program is senior leaders and high potentials. Participants are drawn from across the company (trading, legal, technology, operations, product, and leadership).

The Challenge

The client approached NYU Stern Executive Education to develop a custom program to support the firm's commitment to learning and development for its top performers. The program focused on providing participants with an opportunity to gain insights into the firm's current business model and generate ideas for strategic innovation, which could be implemented after the program ended.
The client wanted to provide its employees with essential business management and leadership knowledge represented in a core curriculum.
In addition to a pre-set core of content, the client wanted to offer employees the opportunity to enroll in a variety of courses applicable to their function.
Outside of the core content, the client also wanted to provide a refresher course in finance and managerial accounting.

The Solution

NYU Stern Executive Education worked with the client to design a dual pronged approach to the program. Employees participated in both an intensive 1-week program and were invited to enroll in in-person courses of their choosing. The company became a corporate partner and received a discount for enrollment in these courses. The core program included a focus on:

> Strategy and Business Model Generation
> Leadership
> Marketing and Brand Management
Case Studies NYC Startup Solution

Custom Elements

> Participants in the program were expected to deliver a business plan to their managers at the end of the program. NYU Stern Executive Education designed a curriculum with this goal in mind.

> Participants were given the tools necessary to produce this deliverable through the core curriculum and the opportunity to enroll in courses of their choosing.

> The Academic Director, working closely with the client, designed pre and post module deliverables for the participants.

> Participants were assigned faculty mentors to guide the process and help prepare the team for an effective presentation.
Case Studies NYC Startup Custom Elements

Program Outcomes

Participants have a core understanding of the various components of an effective business plan
Participants are better equipped with the management skills needed to run a global team
Participants leave with experience creating and presenting a business plan specific to the company's target growth areas

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