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Irving SchenklerIrv Schenkler is a Clinical Professor and Director of the Management Communication Program at NYU Stern. Professor Schenkler teaches courses in management communication, corporate communication and crisis communication.

Professor Schenkler has been with NYU Stern since 1982. His primary research areas include how social trends affect business, the relationship between media and business, and how companies communicate during crisis. Professor Schenkler has been published in many journals including STERNbusiness, Human Resource Management and Corporate Reputation Review. His book, Guide to Media Relations, was published by Prentice Hall in July, 2004. He is a member of the editorial review board of the Journal of Business Communication.

In addition to his work at NYU Stern, Professor Schenkler is a Visiting Professor at the University of Lugano, where he teaches courses in Crisis Management Response. Read his full bio.


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