Visualizing Data

Visualizing Data

Visualizing Data


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With businesses generating and capturing increasing amounts of data, the ability to interpret and present insights in a persuasive way is more crucial now than ever before. Visualizing Data shows you how to make sense of your data, present clear evidence of your findings, and tell engaging stories all through data graphics.

In this eight week course, students can progress at their own pace through the key steps of data visualization. The hands-on lessons will focus on techniques for data preparation — how to choose, create, and edit graphics, as well as best practices for presenting your visualizations.

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Certificates and Credits

Upon completion of this course, participants will receive a Certificate of Achievement.

Program Takeaways

  • Data Formatting and Analysis for Data Graphics

    Use visual data exploration methods that aid in data understanding, learn techniques for data preparation including data formatting and cleaning, and identify the target audience and line of inquiry
  • Creation, Refinement, and Presentation of Data Graphics

    Identify appropriate data visualization techniques to build data graphics, refine the data graphics to improve clarity, and tell stories with data graphics that will resonate with the audience
  • Data Visualization Case Studies and Examples

    See how data graphics are used in practice through case studies showcasing a unique approach to using data graphics in different settings

Who Should Attend

Although there are no formal education or background requirements, this course is designed for participants who meet the criteria below. While we strongly encourage global participation, please note that all courses are taught in English. Proficiency in written and spoken English is required.

  • Years of Experience

    Participants with all levels of work experience are welcome to attend
  • Job Functions

    Ideal for any job function
  • Prerequisites

    Intended for individuals with basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel; additionally, students must have a desktop or laptop computer capable of running Tableau with an internet connection


The following agenda is a sample and subject to change.

Lesson 1

  • Introduction
  • Online Meeting 1

Lesson 2

  • Graphics + Data
  • Online Meeting 2

Lesson 3

  • Design + Audience

Lesson 4

  • Categorical Data Graphics

Lesson 5

  • Categorical Data Types
  • Online Meeting 3

Lesson 6

  • Design Principles for Categorical Data Graphics
  • Online Meeting 4

Lesson 7

  • Pitch: The Report

Lesson 8

  • Geospatial Data Graphics

Lesson 9

  • Geospatial Data Types
  • Online Meeting 5

Lesson 10

  • Design Principles for Geospatial Data Graphics
  • Online Meeting 6

Lesson 11

  • Pitch: Web Dashboard

Lesson 12

  • Temporal Data Graphics

Lesson 13

  • Temporal Data Types
  • Online Meeting 7

Lesson 14

  • Data Principles for Temporal Graphics
  • Online Meeting 8

Lesson 15

  • Pitch: The Presentation